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About Darling

Having been involved with Experimental aviation going back as far as the Polywagon, I’m always learning and still adding to my capabilities today. The Darling was conceived for the need to demonstrate the ability to conceptualize and design an aircraft based on the required mission. Performance estimation, budgeting, scheduling, fabrication and flight test were done in house as a calling card for a much larger aircraft project back in 1995.

Since that time the Darling has past through 4 different owners before making it back home in 2016. 26 years later I’m proud to be bringing it to market in the form of plans and supporting components.

Aluminum is Shiny

The Darling is a very clean and attractive design that is perfect for the single seat cross country hamburger mission. Larger than a Hummel Bird and smaller than an RV-3, the Darling was designed around a, 6’4″ 200lb pilot. Much roomier than either mentioned, the Darling maintains a sleek low drag airframe while incorporating a modern aesthetic. The bubble canopy provides an incredible unobstructed 360 degree view.

Originally flown with a Rotax 447 of +- 40 hp, she can be perfectly happy with 1/2 VW or up to 170lb of engine. It’s up to you. Currently I have installed an HKS-700e because I got a great price on a new one! $5k!

Basic Construction

Coming from both a composites and sheet metal background, I felt an all aluminum design for a one off with the potential for plans and kits in the long run made the most sense from a manufacturing and builder perspective. There is just something very satisfying about cutting out a piece of sheet metal, drilling holes and riveting it together. With the minimal of tools a very robust airframe can be built with a means of easy repair and inspection down the road.

Combining the proven construction method of SS pull rivets and the clean and simple use of bonded ribs as in the Cri-Cri, the Darling is better suited for the seasoned builder. If you have built a Hummel or similar plane you’ll be ready to take on the Darling. Having the ownership of machine tools they were taken advantage of to produce components that made for some more sophisticated¬† executions. The plans details are there.

The Darling's FUN FACTORS

Her original figures with a Rotax 447 installed *Ground adjustable GSC prop **Electric IVO prop. A very clean design she lends herself to a wide range of powerplants from 35hp to 160+hp

Cruize Speed*

Climb rate*



Our In House Skills

Contrary to popular belief, more is better for prototyping.

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